Provider-Driven Digital MSK Platform

Design care pathways for each musculoskeletal (MSK) condition and procedure, effectively monitor your patients’ rehabilitation and recovery, and improve outcomes while reducing variation and costs.


Digital Patient Engagement Platform for Episode-Based Care

FORCE THERAPEUTICS™ digital care platform is a powerful tool that scales workflows and maximizes care teams to drastically improve efficiency, profitability, and set a new standard of high quality care.

Our full-suite provider-prescribed platform enables providers to design evidence-based care pathways for each MSK condition and procedure and guides your non-op, pre-op and post-op patient through each step of their pathway from the convenience of their home. Automate routine touch points to gather actionable patient data, and enable your care team to intelligently monitor and interact with patients.

As a result, our platform empowers you to reduce case variation, lower overall costs, maximize care team efficiency, and improve outcomes.

Force Therapeutics digital MSK platform

Automated Patient Guidance and Assured Patient Buy-In

Our platform delivers daily digitized content, customized to each patient's specific care journey. Physical therapy videos and interactive classes show them how to carry out their exercises, and patients are motivated to complete their daily tasks and record their progress because they’re working toward a goal they entered in the platform upon first logging into Force.

Integrating EHRs with Force Therapeutics

High-Quality Patient Communication

Patients can message your care team at any time with updates or questions. The platform also enables them to easily share photos or videos to show how they are progressing.

Remote therapeutic monitoring platform

Automated Data Collection and Patient Monitoring

Each time a patient logs into the Force platform, they submit progress-specific data points. Using clinical intelligence, the platform analyzes this data and provides real-time, custom alerts if patients need specific attention. Care teams can also view a patient’s profile page to see all submitted data and understand the patient’s overall progress.

Patient reported outcomes using digital MSK tool

Process Standardization and Refinement

Our platform helps you establish digital, evidence-based, standardized care pathways, with each pathway specific to a particular condition or procedure. And by automatically collecting and analyzing data across your panel, our platform reveals trends and insights to help you improve future care delivery.

Integrating EHRs with Force Therapeutics

EHR Integration

Data collected on our platform automatically flows into the patient’s electronic health record, just as data from that record automatically populates relevant fields in our platform.

Remote therapeutic monitoring platform

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM)

Our platform enables providers to utilize RTM CPT® codes established by CMS to potentially gain reimbursement for remotely monitoring their patients. RTM, enabled by our digital platform and high patient engagement, can support optimized, cost-effective care, strong outcomes, and heightened patient satisfaction, all while reducing barriers to care.

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